Map clustering with Swift – how we implemented it into the ribl iOS app

As we’ve been developing the iPhone version of ribl, we’ve learned a lot about how different iOS and Android are. In addition to different user interface guidelines and test processes, one of the major variations we found was how Google Maps and Apple...
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Our iPhone beta test is live! Here’s what we learned building our iOS app.

We’ve released the private beta version of our iOS app! It’s great to get our iPhone app out to a bunch of test users after a few weeks of hard work. iOS and Android are the top two mobile operating systems and companies really need a presence...
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Why We’re Building ribl for Android First

Developers are engaged in an endless debate about whether mobile apps should be built for iOS or Android first, with the majority leaning toward iOS as their initial platform of choice. In mid-2013, venture capitalist Chris Dixon predicted that developers...
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