Our journey

Why We’re Building ribl for Android First

Developers are engaged in an endless debate about whether mobile apps should be built for iOS or Android first, with the majority leaning toward iOS as their initial platform of choice. In mid-2013, venture capitalist Chris Dixon predicted that developers...
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We demoed ribl in public for the first time ever! Here’s what happened.

  We demoed ribl in public for the first time ever at the Northern Virginia TechBreakfast yesterday and it went really well! Dan, Jeff, and I trekked out to the AOL offices in Sterling, VA to spread the ribl gospel. Here’s a quick recap...
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Why we’re building ribl – THE app for local discovery

  We’re embarking on a journey to provide the best way to learn about what’s happening around you and to share with others what’s going on wherever you are. That journey is embodied in a mobile app that we’re building called ribl, and we...
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