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ribl feed maki screenshot with phone v0.1.6

Share Everything Around You

Capture images, video or audio, link to an article, or write some text and post it for the people near you to see. You don’t need to be “friends” with nor “follow” anyone to see each other’s posts.

Get Boosted

When your post gets “boosted” by other users, its geographic coverage will expand so more people can see it.

The more your posts get boosted, the more cred you’ll earn, and the coverage of your future posts will be larger.

ribl boost maki screenshot with phone v0.1.6

ribl comment maki screenshot with phone v0.1.6

Interact with Other Users’ Posts Near You

Access, boost and comment on posts about the neighborhood you’re in.

You’ll only see really relevent content in your feed – content that’s either closest to you or that has been boosted by other users, so you know it’s a big story.

Explore Everywhere

Discover posts from users further away in your city, state, country, or anywhere in the world.

ribl explore NY screenshot with phone v0.1.6

Meet the people behind ribl

We're a bunch of doers and builders. We've been working with mobile and location technology for decades. And we're interesting and fun guys, too!

Jeff Thorn
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Jeff Thorn

Co-founder - Lead Developer

Jeff has over 20 years of mobile app and software development experience. And he needs to eat a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast everyday.

Mike Chan
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Mike Chan

Co-founder - Marketing & Product

Mike loves technology marketing and product management. And he’s a big fan of power napping and breakdancing classes.

Dan Rusk
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Dan Rusk

Co-founder - Developer

Dan works with the latest and greatest in location-based mobile technology. And he’s never spent an entire work week in an office, ever. Lucky guy.

Robert Chen
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Robert Chen

iOS Developer

Robert is a self-taught developer who builds apps on the iOS and Appcelerator platforms. And he always backs into parking spots. It’s a safety thing.